[styled_image size=”tall” align=”left” link=”http://www.jemofthesouth.com/about/” icon=”zoom” alt=”Image Description”]http://www.jemofthesouth.com/img/Wel_Tamara_pic.jpg[/styled_image]JEM of the South is my dream come true of marrying my love of writing, desserts and entrepreneurship. My goal is to share my own dessert creations and provide valuable business resources for aspiring and current dessert business owners. I hope that you visit Jem often to find out what “Jems” I’m whipping up in my kitchen as well as find out what new “Jems” I’ve discovered. Thanks for stopping by and remember to take the time to “Discover Something Sweet”!


My 2011 Bucket List

Join me as I go on an adventure to accomplish my dessert conquests for 2011.
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Jem Discoveries

Have a special dessert “Jem” in your city? We would love to hear about it!
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Dessert Business Tips

Valuable business tips and resources for new and more established dessert entrepreneurs.
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