I just want to say that I’ve met a lot of people while I’ve been sorting out the right direction to take with my entrepreneurial spirit, but to say you have been such a tremendous help does not do you justice. You’ve helped me to avoid stumbling blocks by pointing me in the right direction, helping me see beyond the moment I’m in right now to make my business a sucess and cheering me on when things go right.  Even though you are 400 miles away I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor.  I thank you and I am grateful for you sharing your knowledge freely with me and making it easier for me to follow my dream.

Tamira Williams
The Ultimate Drunken Cupcake

Tamara Eckles “Ms Jem of the South” is a woman of action. When I started my business I knew I needed to surround myself with women entrepreneurs  who had a go getter spirit.  I read a post about Tamara’s experience at Tory Johnson’s Spark and Hustle conference in 2010 and after hearing and reading her story I knew this was someone I needed to connect with; someone who is going after her dreams.  So I reached out to Tamara and ever since she has been a good BBF (Best Business Friend) a source of encouragement for me by sharing her experiences as a baker and as an entrepreneur. Tamara Eckles is definitely someone to follow as a great educator for aspiring bakers/dessert entrepreneurs.

Mekeda Dempsey
Queen’s Sweets


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