Pop-ular ! : Adventures in Cake Pops



Team Jem has been gawking at pictures of cake pops online for a few months now. So, when Katherine and Jessica’s mom needed 48 cake pops for her kindergarten class they jumped at the chance to finally try their hands at these treats.
To make cake pops simply blend together cake crumbs and frosting. Roll into balls, place in freezer and after the cake balls set, remove from the freezer and start dipping!
What did we learn on this adventure? Cake pops take a lot time and patience to make!  Some cake pops came off their sticks, some didn’t set right and others just took a tumble right out the freezer. Still, the final product was just so cute it’s worth the effort.

Here are our tips :

  • Use moist cake
  • Your cake pops must be cold, but not frozen before dipping to allow coating to set
  • Wait 20 seconds before topping dipped pops or decorations will sink into the coating
Check out this list of cake pop recipes from around the web and share your favorite cake pop recipes with us in the comments section!



Bakerella’s Red Velvet Cake Balls
Veronica’s Cornucopia’s Cake Pops

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  • Sherry
    03/29/2012 at 7:39 pm

    Interesting idea. They look delicious. No knife needed.