My 2011 Dessert Bucket List


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I was on Facebook (as usual) the other night and saw one of my cousins post that she was going to create a college bucket list.  I said to myself, how cool is that?  So I decided I would create my own dessert bucket list for 2011. I always find recipes I want to make each year and always somehow run out of time during the year to make them. So without further ado, here is my list!

1- Bake a banana cheesecake

2- Make Gingerbread

3- Make pumpkin whoopie pies

4- Bake a Lemon Pound Cake

5- Make Lemon Squares

6- Buy ice cream maker and make homemade ice cream

7- Try a new homemade bread recipe (not sure what kind yet)

8-Bake Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

9- Make homemade caramels

10- Make the perfect yellow cake!

11- Angel Food Cake

12- Creme Brulee’

13-Chocolate Souffle’

So, that’s my list. I hope to accomplish all of my baking/dessert endeavors this year. I may even add a few to the list.

Okay, now you get to share your baking/dessert making bucket list with me!  Comments please! :-)



  1. Chris03-15-11

    Love this!!! I am going to think about this one and create a list, too.

  2. Jem03-15-11

    Yay! I can’t wait to see your list!

  3. True Southern Elegance03-15-11

    I love your list!! It’s going to be fun to watch you check off your list.

    Here are a few things I plan to tackle:

    – Angel Food Cake – maybe we can do this together
    – Yeast Rolls – perfectly smooth, beautiful ones
    – Madeleines
    – French Macaroons
    – Candy – Salt Water Taffy, Snickers, Almond Joys & Turtles
    – Triscuits
    – English Muffins
    – Granola Bars
    – Soft Pretzels
    – Doughnuts – Both Cake & Yeast (baked & fried)
    – Old School Fried Pies

    Here’s to completing our lists!!

  4. Jem03-15-11

    Wow! TSE, your list rocks! I tried making cake doughnuts last year and it was a semi-epic fail.:-). I need a deep dryer stat. So, I may need to add doughnuts to my list. We can definitely do the angel food cake together! Thanks for adding your list!

  5. Queen's Sweets03-16-11

    Wow! I love your list. So this is my list, thus far:

    – Doughnuts
    – Cheesecake
    – Yeast Rolls
    – Creme Brulee
    – Cinnamon Rolls
    – Turtle Candy
    – Marshmallows
    – Outrageous Ice Cream
    – Molten Chocolate Cake
    – Red Velvet Pound Cake

    These are the ones I can think of now but I will be adding
    more to my list as I find great recipes.

  6. Jem03-16-11

    Great list Queen Sweets! My grandmother used to make homemade cinnamon rolls. Think I may add that to my list as well. Keep me posted as you make progress on your list! :-)

  7. Renee03-16-11

    Wellll, I don’t bake but I am willing to be a taster for anyone that needs my services!

  8. Jem03-17-11

    Renee, I will make note of that! :-)

  9. Bella03-18-11

    My bucket list includes trying your lemon pound cake and eating the new item on your bucket list…oatmeal pecan cookies. Thanks!

  10. Jem03-18-11

    LOL@ Bella! Thanks for adding an item to my bucket list!

  11. Trina King03-24-11

    My bucket list is pretty simple since I am not a baker but LOVES baked items:

    1- Purchase a Bake a banana cheesecake from Tamara

    2- Purchase Gingerbread from Tamara

    3- Purchase pumpkin whoopie pies from Tamara

    4- Purchase baked Lemon Pound Cakes from Tamara

    5- Purchase Lemon Squares from Tamara

    6- Purchase homemade ice cream from Tamara

    7- Purchase baked Oatmeal Raisin Cookies from Tamara

    8- Purchase homemade caramels from Tamara

    9- Purchase a perfect yellow cake from Tamara


  12. Jem03-25-11

    Cute Trina! :-)

  13. Pink Princess Pastry04-05-11

    My 2011 Bucket list:

    1. Perfect my sour amaretto cake
    2. Pretzel rolls
    3.Angel food cupcakes
    4. Diabetic friendly desserts
    5. Lemon bars
    6. Flavored spreads as I plan to have a cafe/bakery ..for the pretzel rolls

  14. Jem04-05-11

    Good list! I am working on Lemon Bars as well.

  15. Amelia05-25-11

    OH! I got one… Red Velvet Cookies!!!

  16. Amelia05-25-11

    Ok. Two….. Easy Bake Peach Cobbler!

  17. Jem05-25-11

    I actually made Red Velvet Whoopie pies last year. Do those count as cookies. :-)

  18. Jem05-25-11

    I made a peach pie that kinda turned out more like a cobbler last year. LOL! Making crust is a skill I have yet to master so I may tackle it again this year. We will see.

  19. Tonya06-21-11

    I LOVE Trina’s list!!!

    But you had me at #6 Homemade Icecream.

    1. I love icecream!

    2. Wonderful memories of my childhood involve my family & an icecream maker. We were old school with ice and rock salt… YUMMY…
    We even had the Wendy’s recipe; so that we could make Frosties at home…

    I’m hooked on #6 :)

  20. Tamira Williams06-22-11

    My bucket list is pretty simple, find a way to incorporate alcohol without screwing up the consistency of the finished product. Lol

  21. Jem06-22-11

    Okay Tamira. I will let this pass as your “list”. :-)

  22. Jem06-22-11

    I see you are stuck on #6! I eyed an ice cream maker today and I plan to buy it soon. We also grew up with the ice and rock salt to make ice cream in the summer. That was some of the BEST ice cream!

  23. Sandi McKenna07-27-11

    Jem! What a GREAT list!!! Now you’ve got me thinking & my sweet tooth a racin’

  24. jodes07-27-11

    chocolate souffle was the hardest thing i have EVER made…….ever. [also, i confess, the worst thing i’ve ever made!]

  25. Jem07-27-11

    Hi Jodes! I have a recipe from Cooking Light that I hope will be a winner for me. I’ve held onto that recipe for years because I agree making souffle is one of the harding things EVER to make. Last year I finally bought the ramekins. I’m praying for courage and success when I make them. I will keep everyone posted. :-)

  26. Jem07-27-11

    Hi Sandi! Thanks for stopping by! Come back and leave your own dessert bucket list. It doesn’t have to be long. :-)

  27. Heather G07-27-11

    My friend and I are working up the courage to make French macaroons.

  28. Jem07-27-11

    French macaroons are like my fear of making Angel Food Cake. :-) Those egg whites scare me!

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