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  • Feature Jems Pie

    Sweet Potato Crumble

    Don’t you just love when a recipe comes together and you’re not really trying? This is how this sweet potato crumble came to be. After making the my sweet potato galette I…

  • Feature Jems Pie

    Sweet Potato Galette

    Confession time.  I do not like sweet potato pie. I know, how can a southern baker not like sweet potato pie? Well, I love pies but I’m  a huge fan of…

  • Breakfast Feature Jems

    Sweet Potato Doughnuts

    By now we all have been sufficiently inundated with all things pumpkin. I will admit I enjoy my pumpkin spice lattes and have baked many pumpkin recipes here on Jem of the…

  • Breakfast Feature Jems

    Pecan Sweet Potato Muffins

    By now you all know I absolutely love breakfast! I’ve mentioned before that I think the reason I love breakfast so much is because it’s the first meal my mom let…