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    Fig Bread

    Figs are one of those versatile fruits that I love to use in baking and cooking. I’ve made fig jam and a fig upside down cake and now this delicious fig…

  • Bread Feature Jems

    Orange Pistachio Scone Bread

    If you’ve been around Jem of the South long enough you know I have a slight obsession with scones. A few weeks ago I was scrolling through the gram as they…

  • Breakfast Feature Jems

    Blackberry Lemon Scones

    Sunday baking or weekend baking is when you’ll typically find me in the kitchen. Many food or dessert bloggers have a schedule, I loosely follow one, but I primarily bake and…

  • Feature Jems Uncategorized

    Cranberry Orange Bread

    I am a huge fan of cranberry orange muffins. I’ve been planning to make  cranberry orange muffins for a while, but with most of my baking projects, I typically have too…

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    Sweet Cornbread Muffins

    Cornmeal is  a southern staple.  Growing up my family used cornmeal for savory corn bread, sweet corn bread (my favorite) and as a batter to fry fish.  Not one person in…

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    Delicious Peaches

    I’m a South Carolina girl, born and raised and I’m very proud that South Carolina ranks 2nd in peach production behind California which is 1st. Georgia, aka, the “Peach State” ranks…