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  • Cookies Feature Jems

    Snowball Cookies

    Tis the season to bake all of the cookies and the candy. I love making candy at Christmas, but this year my goal is to up my cookie game. I’m not…

  • Feature Jems Pie

    Pecan Pie Bars

    I’ve been full of confessions on instagram this month. Why, you ask? Well, let’s start with this pecan pie bar recipe. I am not a fan of pecan pie, but I…

  • Cake Feature Jems

    Apple Cake with Brown Sugar Glaze

    It’s that time of year. I affectionately call the beginning of November as the beginning of the baking Olympics. It’s the time where we gear up to set our Thanksgiving menus…

  • Bread Feature Jems

    Fig Bread

    Figs are one of those versatile fruits that I love to use in baking and cooking. I’ve made fig jam and a fig upside down cake and now this delicious fig…

  • Cake Feature Jems

    Peach Tiramisu

    Tiramisu is one of my top two  favorite desserts. If you ask my friends they will tell you that  when we go out to dinner I will either order tiramisu or creme brûlée.…

  • Breakfast Feature Jems

    Peach Dutch Baby

    Summer is winding down and I am trying to indulge in all of the summer fruits that I can before they are out of season.  It’s been quite a while since…

  • Cookies Feature Jems

    Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Hey y’all! It’s been a minute since I’ve shared a recipe. It’s been a wild summer and I plan to do a celebratory post letting you all know all of the…

  • Feature Jems Ice Cream

    Cherry Buttermilk Ice Cream

    Who’s ready for the easiest ice cream recipe ever? Look no further than this no churn cherry buttermilk ice cream! In full disclosure I have to admit I couldn’t wait to…