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  • Orange Marmalade2
    Breakfast Feature Jems

    Orange Marmalade

    Orange marmalade has to be one of my favorite preserves. I’ve been wanting to make my own marmalade for a while, but as you know, as hard as you try you…

  • Chocolate Muffins
    Breakfast Feature Jems

    Chocolate Muffins

    I’ve been wanting to make chocolate muffins for a while now, but I kept getting sidetracked. This past weekend I finally got all of my ingredients together for several chocolate recipes…

    Breakfast Feature Jems

    Pear Walnut Baked Oatmeal

    A few weeks ago I was on Instagram, no surprise here, and I came across a beautiful picture of baked oatmeal. The photo caught my attention because I made baked oatmeal…

  • MapleNutGranola2JPG
    Breakfast Feature Jems

    Maple Nut Granola

    Homemade granola is one of my favorite recipes to make during the winter. I enjoy making it because it’s such a versatile and healthy food that takes pretty basic ingredients and…

  • ginger
    Cookies Feature Jems

    Ginger Snaps

    A few weeks back I set out to make ginger snaps. I was all ready to go and thought I had all of my ingredients. In theory I did with one…

  • scones
    Breakfast Feature Jems

    Cranberry Orange Scones

    If you are a regular visitor to Jem of the South you know that I love baking with what’s in season. Cranberries are definitely in season and using them along with…

  • Coconut-Macaroons
    Cookies Feature Jems

    Coconut Macaroons

    Confession. I’ve purchased a bag of coconut for the last 2-3 years with the plans of making coconut macaroons at Christmas. Each of those years I failed to complete the task.…

  • pecan
    Breakfast Feature Jems

    Pecan Sweet Potato Muffins

    By now you all know I absolutely love breakfast! I’ve mentioned before that I think the reason I love breakfast so much is because it’s the first meal my mom let…

  • cake2
    Cake Feature Jems

    Sweet Potato Cake

    Sweet potatoes are a staple in my diet so it’s only natural that I add them to a few of my baking adventures. Last year I made my famous sweet potato…

  • French Apple Cake
    Cake Feature Jems My JEMs

    French Apple Cake

    Fall is in full swing and that means baking with what’s in season. Apples, pears and sweet potatoes are a baking staple for me this time of year so I couldn’t…