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  • Feature Jems Ice Cream

    Cherry Buttermilk Ice Cream

    Who’s ready for the easiest ice cream recipe ever? Look no further than this no churn cherry buttermilk ice cream! In full disclosure I have to admit I couldn’t wait to…

  • Cake Feature Jems

    Strawberry Upside Down Cake

    It’s strawberry season! You know what that means? I’m about to find as many ways as possible to bake with strawberries. First up is this beautiful strawberry upside cake.  I was…

  • Cookies Feature Jems

    Pecan Sandies

    I’m excited to share a few recipes this month in honor of National Pecan Month. I’ve partnered with Schermer Pecans, a local pecan company here in GA,  to bring you a few pecan…

  • Bread Feature Jems

    Lemon Poppyseed Muffins

    Spring is finally here and when I think of spring lemon desserts and foods always come to mind.  I’m a huge fan of muffins and I’ve had lemon poppyseed muffins on…

  • Feature Jems Pie

    Cherry Galette

    I’m a really big fan of pies, but I am not the best pie maker. It’s definitely a skill that I continue to work on and try to perfect. Since I’m…

  • Breakfast Feature Jems

    Chocolate Espresso Doughnuts

    February is such a great month. We celebrate Black History this month, love and chocolate. To kick off this month filled with great celebrations, I am sharing a recipe that I am…