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I’m thrilled to share the first in several interviews with some phenomenal Dessert Buffet Business Owners. Today’s post includes the beautiful work of Courtney Price, owner of Glamour Avenue Parties an award winning boutique event design company in Houston, Texas.  Courtney shares with Jem how she started her businesses and much more. Thanks Courtney for taking time to share with Jem of the South!


1) How long have you been designing dessert buffets? How did you get started?

 I have been designing dessert buffets since I launched my children’s event planning company, Glamour Avenue Parties, since 2010. I got started with designing dessert buffets as a fun option for clients to include, in addition to their parties. 



2) Do you have a signature item that always accompanies your buffets?

My signature item that always accompanies my buffets are chocolate dipped marshmallows and chocolate dipped pretzels. They are so easy to make and taste delicious!


3) Do you specialize in certain buffet styles? Adult themes, baby showers, weddings or children’s parties?

I specialize in children’s dessert/candy buffets, but I have styled tables for wedding industry events as well. 


4) What has been your most memorable dessert buffet and why?

I think my most memorable dessert buffet has been my latest Barbie Inspired Dessert table. Although I have been designing tables for a little over a year, I feel I am constantly re-inventing my style and I think this table was executed perfectly to my vision! It also never hurts for the clients to feel “blown away” by the final outcome! 


5) What advice would you give someone interested in starting a party planning/dessert buffet business?

My advice for someone interested in starting a party planning/dessert buffet business is to really do your home work. The party planning/dessert buffet industry is very competitive and to be a front runner I think it’s best to develop a unique style that sets you apart!


Here are a few photos of Courtney’s fabulous work!


  1. Courtney Price of Glamour Avenue Parties09-19-11

    Thank you Jem of the South for featuring Glamour Avenue Parties!

  2. Santresa09-20-11

    Wonderful feature and beautiful dessert table! I am now a fan and glad that your blog is being used as a platform to introduce us: your readers, to others in the sweets industry.

  3. Shandra Ward Signature Design Studio09-20-11

    Courtney is a fabulous buffet designer! I have always admired her eye for choosing the perfect color scheme for her parties. Scrumptious!

  4. Jem09-20-11

    I agree totally Shandra! I’ve been following Courtney for the last few months and I love her work!

  5. Jem09-20-11

    Thanks Santresa!! Glad you are now a fan of Glamour Avenue Parties! It’s all about supporting each other’s endeavors!

  6. Jem09-20-11

    You are very welcome Courtney!

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