Exciting News!


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Last week was a really exciting week for  me!  I kicked off the week with the first Jem of the South Radio show with special guest Chris Flores, owner of Ratio Bakeshop. If you missed last Sunday’s show, you can tune in here.







The second exciting thing that happened to me last week was that I was interviewed and featured in Stiletto Woman in Business magazine!! I was so honored to be featured and I thank Stiletto Woman for all they do for women entrepreneurs. I hope you take a few minutes to read the article.  It was a lot of fun being a part of this issue!






I’ll also be sharing a recipe this week so stay tuned for that!




  1. Dionne01-20-14

    Congratulations! That is exciting. Great article AND great pic! You make your hometown folks proud. Keep up the good work!


  2. Tanya01-20-14

    Great article! Congratulations Tamara! So proud of you.

  3. Sherry Eckles01-21-14

    Congrats on both of your 2014 accomplishments. We are expecting bigger and better things for this year.

  4. Stephanie Allen01-22-14

    Love it! Congratulations!

  5. Tamara01-22-14

    Thanks Dee!!

  6. Tamara01-22-14

    Thank you Tanya!

  7. Tamara01-22-14

    Thanks Mom!!

  8. Tamara01-22-14

    Thank you Stephanie!!

  9. Sharon Moses Brown01-24-14

    Awesome article. What a phenomenal woman you are!!! Congratulations! The best is yet to come.

    Auntie loves you

  10. Tamara01-29-14

    Love you auntie!! I appreciate your support and words of encouragement!!