2013 Dessert Trends


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Happy 2013! I’m excited to kick off 2013 with Jem of the South’s Dessert Trends!  Check them out.



1) Desserts 2.0

Be on the look out for desserts that were popular in recent years being upgraded to the 2.0 level. In other words, macarons won’t just be those cute little round desserts, they will be in various shapes and sizes like these Valentine macarons,  snowman macarons and ice cream cone macarons. Other desserts going to the next level are cake pops (rose cake pops and dress cake pops)  and cupcakes.



 Photo Credits via links above


Rose Cake Pops

Rose Cake Pop Photo Credit with link above



2) Classic Bread Pudding re-mixed

Gone are the days of your basic raisin bread pudding. The old classic dessert that was a recipe created as a way  to use old stale bread without the bread going to wasting.  Now  bread pudding is getting a facelift and is showing up on restaurant menus and blogs. From Pecan Pie Bread Pudding to Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding, the possibilities are endless.



Photo Credits via Something Swanky and Lisa Harris Pantry Blog 


3)  Everything Gold (And Silver)~ Metallic Desserts

I’m loving all of the gold and silver desserts that have popped up all over the web. Metallic designs are chic and very elegant. Even metallic accessories are a hit with desserts like these gold and silver candles from Party City.  For your next girl’s night in, make it shiny and glittery with all gold or silver desserts.  Use edible metallic glitter on cookies, cupcakes and more!





Gold Cookie Pops from the Faux Martha, Metallic Ombre Cake from Whipper Berry ,Gold Beaded Cake from Coco & Kelly , Edible Gold Sprinkles from Wilton




4) Put your Name on it ~Monogram Desserts

What better way to personalize a dessert than with a monogram? Monograms are classy and very chic and will add that extra touch of class to any desserts!

Mongrammed Desserts

 Monogrammed Marshmallows from She Wears Many HatsJazzed up store bought brownie bites from  A Thoughtful Place





  1. Mekeda01-18-13

    Great article for the start of 2013. I love the way the baking trends are always evolving to the next level. I love what I do.

  2. Tamara01-18-13

    Thanks Mekeda! I love the way bakers take the baking craft to the next level too! Can’t wait to watch the great ideas you come up with this year. Happy 2013!

  3. Valerie01-18-13

    Mmmm!!! They all look so delicious!!!

  4. Tina01-19-13

    Yummy! I enjoyed Nutella bread pudding at Del Frisco’s. On target as always. Great article!

  5. Tamara01-19-13

    Thanks Tina! I will have to try the Nutella bread pudding when I visit Del Frisco’s again. :-)

  6. Tamara01-19-13

    I know Valerie!!

  7. Sherry Eckles01-24-13

    Great article all look yummy.